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4ward Fabrications offer a range of solutions for the building industry such as:


  • Brick Stage - Steel erection, fabrication, cutting and welding ie. T-bars, columns/posts, corner windows/S-doors lintel assemblies, tie-downs, cantilever and feature steel work, portal frames, 1st/upper floor steel framing.

  • Roof Stage -  Structural steel/LVL/rafter tie downs, LVL to LVL bracket bolted connections, LVL to beam plate welded/bolted connections, top hats to steel beam splays, steel beam splay cuts, cut/flush brick lintels & blade lintels protruding brickwork, chase wall & install internal tie down rods.

  • Call-outs at any stage to rectify steels to assist other trades.

  • Steel door frame alterations & repairs. Opening orientation swap (hinge/latch), add/delete lock/latch function, full frame removal and re-install, headboard level, stile level/square, hinge swaps, panel damage repairs. 

  • Single and multi-storey projects.


0499 453 333

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Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm  Sat 7am-12pm

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